Moving Louisville to a

sustainable future

Overhead electric rail cars are a tourist attraction in New Orleans.

The Waterfront, business and historic districts and neighborhoods  are connected by two fixed rail routes. Business proliferates along the fixed rail lines serving a steady stream of out of town tourists. New Orleans enhances the enjoyment of the French Quarter, the Aquarium on the waterfront and historic districts by connecting them with heritage trolley lines. More enjoyment means more spending and repeat visits. In Louisville we have multiple tourist destinations like the Downs, 4th Street, the waterfront concert venues, but no fixed rail trolley to connect them.

There is no allure in my mind to a diesel exhaust spitting ersatz trolley like the ones cruising Louisville. This is small time, small city stuff and lacks the historical

connection that real trolleys evoke. Its fake.

The fact the city went to the trouble to buy fake triolleys shows a realization of the potential of trolleys as connectors enhancing tourism. However fixed rail routes have enormous advantages. Fixed routes give courage to out of town travelers to jump in and explore the city secure in the knowledge that they can find their way back to hotels along the line.

Why wouldn’t something that contributes to sustainable urban growth, reduces CO2 and enhances the economy be instantly adopted  by the policy makers?

A North-South line would connect tourist and entertainment destinations with hotels

convention center and Chruchill Downs. The exact route will be a matter for engineers analysis but generally a 4th Street route is an indicator.

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Fixed rail heritage trolley is an investment in assets already being developed in Louisville, such as the Market Street gallery district, the lower Frankfort Avenue waterfront harbour development and the downtown entertainment district.

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See , Peace Train webpage HERE


More trolley photos: top: Glendale, California mall trolley powered by 30 lithium batteries carries shoppers around the large American Mall.

Bottom: The fabled St Charles street trolley line in Old New Orleans